We turn futuristic science into next-generation
businesses that benefit the planet.

About Bionatus

Bionatus, LLC, focuses on developing breakthrough scientific discoveries into successful end-stage businesses with significant global impact. Occupying a unique role as both the founders and co-executives of our companies, we provide strategic and business development oversight while maintaining guiding principals that are focused above and beyond just financial return, rooted in delivering technologies that benefit humanity and the environment.


Bluon, Inc is rapidly becoming the leading technology and environmental solutions company in the HVAC industry. The Bluon mobile app is the largest and fastest growing network of HVAC technicians. Bluon created R-458A refrigerant (the most energy-efficient and lowest GWP R-22 replacement), and offers a nationwide retrofit service for large asset managers. www.bluon.com

Luminas Energy, LLC is a fast growing consumer health technology company, and the first mover in the field of “electroceuticals.” Luminas has developed a suite of groundbreaking wearable patches that deliver benefits without drugs, chemicals, or side effects, including Luminas Relief (a pain relief patch) and StaminaPro (an athlete-endorsed recovery and performance patch). www.luminas.com  and  www.staminapro.com

ThrivalTech, LLC is a pioneer in the application of non-thermal plasma for solving large-scale industrial problems. In many cases, ThrivalTech has developed the first viable plasma solutions for applications previously thought impossible. ThrivalTech is currently in stealth mode.

Bionatus has a portfolio of other companies and core IP still in R&D mode.


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