We turn breakthrough discoveries into next-generation technologies that benefit the planet.


Bionatus, LLC, focuses on developing breakthrough scientific discoveries into successful end-stage businesses with significant global impact. Occupying a unique role as both the founders and co-executives of our companies, we provide strategic and business development oversight while maintaining guiding principals that are focused above and beyond just financial return, rooted in delivering technologies that benefit humanity and the environment. Bionatus, LLC, is a certified Benefit Corporation.

For investors and those seeking more information:
Peter Capuciati | pcapuciati@bionatusllc.com | 917-749-9570

Portfolio Companies

Bluon Energy, LLC, developed TdX 20, the next-generation refrigerant for global infrastructure. TdX 20 replaces Freon, saves energy, and is environmentally friendly. Bluon provides a full product installation ecosystem.

Luminas International, LLC, develops and manufactures thereaputic “electroceutical” products via its novel charging technology. Luminas currently offers an electroceutical patch for relief of pain and inflammation.

REVx Technologies, Inc., develops coherent acoustic technologies that provide true spatial audio and signal fidelity, while removing problematic distortions that contribute to ear fatigue and hearing loss.

ThrivalTech, LLC, has created breakthrough plasma-based solutions for the global emissions control industry. Its flagship VIPER technology enables virtually emission free output from combustion engines.

Entangled Labs, LLC, is developing a flagship mobile app based on Princeton University’s PEAR Lab and the Global Consciousness Project. It represents the first mass-market technology to utilize mind-matter interaction.

GFO Oil, LLC, manufactures and sells the GFO Oil Additive which removes carbon buildup and restores combustion engine compression, in addition to increasing lubricity and reducing engine wear. GFO is 100% biodegradable.